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17 February 2006 @ 05:49 pm
Miniscule Wi-Fi Chipset  
Man, the Swedes have all the luck. Swedish semiconductor manufacturer Nanoradio AB has revealed the NRX700, a liliputian lowpower wi-fi chipset measuring only 20mm2. According to them, it's currently the smallest one of its kind in the market, not that consumers actually go out and shop for the smallest wi-fi chipsets at their local PC shop. The good news is that assuming it's widely accepted into the industry, then the magic of wireless Internet will find its way to the smallest next-generation gadgets and devices. Now all we need is consumer-level 100Mbps broadband like what's available in Sweden. Sigh. Due in Q3 2006, hopefully in devices by early 2007.

Smallest WiFi solution yet! [MobileMag]