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17 February 2006 @ 12:08 pm
Web Browser and TV Tuner for the Nintendo DS  

Nintendo is on an absolute roll with the DS. I'm surprised they haven't made full leaps and bounds towards a complete mobile and personal device, i.e. add phone and PDA capabilities. This is a big step in the direction, nonetheless, as it puts two of the world's favorite pasttimes in an already awesome gadget - TV and web browsing. As you can see, the former is powered by an external TV tuner card that plugs into the DS, and the latter is made possible by Opera, who we know as the creators of one of the finest web browsers available. So: portability, awesome games, wi-fi, now a browser and a TV tuner - now that there's a mighty fine gadget which is constantly being improved upon that gives me great happy feeling for the upcoming Revolution.

Internet browser and digital TV tuner for the Nintendo DS [Akihabara News]